Halal Investing

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Wahed has been featured and mentioned on various financial publications and news sources.

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How It Works

Our Portfolio

We want to help you
grow your wealth

Accessible and Reliable
Put your money to work in minutes.

Portfolio Rebalancing
Your portfolio is monitored and optimized to fit your
investment goals.

Sukuk Exposure
We give you exposure to asset classes that were
previously inaccessible.

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Keeping your account safe and secure

We implement a variety of security measures to
make sure your money is safe.

Your account is covered up to $500,000 for losses against broker liquidation;
this does not cover investment losses.
Our company is backed by renowned high net worth individuals,
industry professionals and prominent investment companies.
Our Investment Committee alongside our Global Head of Portfolios
are dedicated to ensuring that your portfolio is always efficient.
Your account is encrypted to safeguard your sensitive information.
We use state-of-the-art measures when handling your data.

We diversify your portfolio

We use Nobel-Prize winning research to build an optimized and
diversified portfolio that suits your goals. Learn More


Becoming a halal
investor is easy

Open your account in minutes.